Pose to Profit Course

Learn to confidently pose your clients in any situation and never run out of ideas again.

Course Curriculum

Alina Thomas

Bessie Black


“Before starting the course, I knew some posing ideas and would always blank or revert to a traditional pose or duplicate one. After the posing course, I am equipped with an easy to follow system with tips in place to verbally communicate with the couple on how to transition from pose to pose using the micro changes in-between for variety. The tip about where to start with the hands will stick with me the most, and may be the most useful tip - other than the entire posing system, of course!! When going through the ATP posing course, you feel like you are talking directly with Alina. The teaching style she uses is a step-by-step approach with transitional sentences for you to use to move on to the next pose. The course is perfect for someone just starting out or a veteran of 18 years like me!! You always need to learn and evolve, having systems like this one is just one of the many tools you need to succeed!”

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